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Dropbox for Android

Dropbox keeps a cloud-based backup of your photos, documents, pictures, and other files, then sync them between computers. The Android app doesn’t provide syncing, but it does upload into a Dropbox account that has up to 2GB of memory – for free. With that type of memory, it should be more than enough to download files directly to your phone or tablet, but you can upgrade to more storage space.

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Google Docs

Docs is the ultimate FU to Microsoft Office. Why do I say that you ask? Well, Docs is cloud based, free, and provides instant syncing — all which is an advantage over Office. If you’re the productive type whose not willing to spend the money to use MS Office, then Google Docs is for you.
With the most recent update, users gain the much needed ability to delete items, making this the ultimate free document app. Google Docs can create and edit shared documents quickly, can view PDF’s and several other formats, and converts scanned photos to text. With instant access online, how can you not like Docs?

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Documents To Go 3.0 by Dataviz (An android office!)

Documents To Go is currently the best selling mobile Office suite in Android Market, and the full (paid) version is often one of the top 10 paid apps overall. I love using this app because I can do pretty much anything I would be able to do in Microsoft Office on my laptop. Being able to edit or view documents sent to you by a friend or work colleague on the go makes this app in my opinion a must have. Plus, with its recent update, Docs to Go now supports Desktop Sync on Honeycomb, which is hugely important for Android tablet owners.
Documents to Go is free, but limited to only viewing documents. If you want Docs to Go with full features like creating and editing documents, prepare to pay a price of $14.99. I know, that’s a bit pricey, but having this kind of access to your documents makes it well worth the price.
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ryosaku enjoy exhilarating action combat and rich volume ■ 
  Feel free to enjoy this game as a character wants

In tunnel mode would hate to put my game after clearing compared to the monsters that appeared to be cleared, the player waiting to challenge the more powerful monsters
 As mentioned above, this work is "Keroro" world of "Tales of" not only represented in series systems, including mini-games and Kerokabatoru, fulfilling what has become an element that contains extensive bonus .
 If there is one downside, on the story progresses, it is often mentioned as the source area and proceed to return to the area. So, Where and failed to obtain weapons and Guardian, and many would not know. Finally, because the problem will be able to move freely, although not think I can move about the area might have more freedom there is Moi.
 Also the story because they realize that the world end in the game, personally I'm sorry I could not empathy is much interest. Moreover, I assume that what you are a fan of the original anime "Keroro" no idea who it would be better for something more Note also promise not understand. Around here, in that game themed anime characters only and may choose to say what people enjoy.
 But they wanted to play, have a different technique is Platoon, "LMBS" and felt it a good combat system. You can customize the techniques and strategies will be added so the game will go, we devised a way of fighting the pleasure of my own Platoon, in this film you can say.
 In particular, the battle is usually, but enjoy the feeling of exhilaration we decided to combo after another monster, boss battles are never easy, and provides the Battle of the teeth, according to the attributes of good behavior and the boss Often it is required to change the party members and operations.In this way of trial and error, when the fulfillment of special and say beat nemesis.
 In addition, after clearing is difficult even harder, "mania" as well as a choice, or browse the Keroka or guardian was obtained BGM can be added to the title menu collection to enjoy dungeon somewhere in the world , and now into the first mode after clearing the mine ear, and you can start from scratch to take over the clearing of data, which includes many fun elements after clearing.
 Results began to promote main story without having to detour too much, I was able to clear nearly 20 hours of play time. May feel rather weak and not satisfactory for 20 hours, this is the time required to clear the main story only.Over there I noticed there are many sub-events after clearing Keroka and Guardian, so we did not even touched a collection of elements such as monster picture book, to do everything I do still enjoy the right impression.
 Thus this work, "Keroro" but feel free to enjoy the content-based worldview, strategic Platoon manipulate your way to change your strategy and action games invigoration will lead combo has become crowded with titles do enjoy the abundant elements. "Keroro" fans, of course, an action RPG that is challenging to do this one crowded with a lot more than I want to take lovers.

The Encyclopedia of Keroka can be viewed in the game won the KerokaGuardian dictionaries can also check information such as date of sale packaging and the actual GundamBGM in the game to listen to the sound selection. 浸Rou BGM while playing a game to remember

Namco website □ 
□ "Keroro Musha RPG Pirates of the legendary knight and a" page 
□ Information 
[February 22] Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
Supporting characters introduced to expand the battle in favor 
[January 29] Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
Similar characters and original characters introduced 
- January 13 - January 13 - Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
PV latest follow-up public benefits and reservations 
- December 16, 2009 - Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
Publish Book Award 
- December 10, 2009 - Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
Keroro plaguing the strongest opponent? Introduce three daughters and Satan 
- December 9, 2009 - Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
Campaign in conjunction with the Movie and related products 
- November 20, 2009 - Namco Bandai, DS "Musha Keroro legendary knight and pirate RPG" 
"LMBS" action RPG series first adopted 

Get your treasure map to enter encrypted Keparou ■!

Keparou encryption will need to enter a five marks out of 16
 Beginning of the story, can pick up a map of where Keparou. This map by entering the encryption has become a hidden treasure emerges where the Captain of Keparou long ago, a variety of items available by looking at the place.
 Encryption, as well as manuals, brochures and animated movie version, "Keroro" because they are hidden in various locations related to, let's check the official website and other information. 
If you enter a manual listed in cryptography, there are marked where the treasure isGet the treasure to determine the location perfectly marked! I feel it would be rare that we can get cipher

■ Keroka Keroka collection vending machines 
  NPC can also enjoy and Kerokabatoru

Vending machines can be purchased Keroka Keroka 20 gold piece. Because of the time would come out of the room in gold and gold Makurou buying time permitting
 The story progresses, the advent of vending machines to purchase Keroka Keroka in the city.Keroka is simply to collect as a collection, as well as mini-games using a simple fight Keroka specific character and the city can also be a Kerokabatoru.
 The Kerokabatoru is to select a character card and item card, the fight against Keroka. Mark and I have only listed the card Hajan character determines the compatibility with other cards Janken has come to be granted a modification to the damage.
 In battle, the attack per turn, suicide, choose any one item. Cards can only be used once the item is in each one Kerokabatoru become the turning point of winning the item or use the card at any time.
 Kerokabatoru to win, which one to get out of the use of the partners Keroka.However, you note would have been taken to Keroka one loses and vice versa.

When you start Kerokabatoru appear first rule. I'll double check the rulesSelect character cards and item cards to be used for the next Kerokabatoru.Damage can be confiscated if you have multiple cards is lessDetermine the order and finally get a character card, the final confirmation screen is displayed. Kerokabatoru try to start the permitting ready

Bad card compatibility attack would receive serious damage. Reversal 狙Itai If you come across an item card bad card compatibilityThis card is for the chemistry, and use the enclosed items as items not used in reverse. This would be impossible to reverse firstKerokabatoru victory beautifully! Could get a card using one of the other
I'll have a wealth of extra elements besides the prime adventure ■
 In the middle of a story, you can enjoy a little mini-games and sub-event. The mini-games to solve the mystery or something to use your head a little, such as those involving the action of the same battle, which includes a variety of mini games, players pleasing.
 Here are the bonus features extensive information about these factors, let us introduce one by one.

Mi first two games are those that move to the Shinto shrine as villagers found. I would have been brought back to the starting point is found, try to move at once, taking care to villagers facing direction

Illustrated information see monsters fighting monsters in ■

Good attributes to attack, damage is displayed in red.The boss battles are like ants to a party can put a character with attributes that weak attack

 The monster has good attributes and bad attributes of chemistry, by attacking a good attribute, given the large damage. To determine the attributes of a monster attack or try to attribute that fact, I use items and technology to investigate the ability of the monster.
 To the book Monster Iki is automatically recorded in their battle monsters, items of information are also recorded in the attribute and drop. If you would like a complete monster picture book, I'll remember to check 現Waretara new monsters.

Technique can be used to investigate the ability of items and monsters, you can easily get the information of the monster. Take over a monster, so check marks ★, I will also try to aim to complete all the monsters get a mark ★

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